I’m tired of keeping up with internet favorites!  I run across web sites every day that I find useful and want to find again later.  The trouble is in keeping my home and office computers synchronized so that I can find a site I discovered at work while I’m at home.  Now I’ve discovered  What is is a collection of favorites – yours and everyone else’s. Use to:

  • Keep links to your favorite articles, blogs, music, restaurant reviews, and more on and access them from any computer on the web.
  • Share favorites with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Discover new things. Everything on is someone’s favorite – they’ve already done the work of finding it. Explore and enjoy.
I’ve been hooked every since I posted my first bookmark.  You can automatically import your Internet Explorer or Firefox bookmarks into  I can keep up with my own favorite web sites and discover other popular sites.  It’s easy to signup and start adding bookmarks.  You can find my list of favorites at  Enjoy!

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