Next Generation Leader

I just finished reading Andy Stanley’s book, "Next Generation Leader – Five Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the 1590525396.01._scthumbzzz_.jpgFuture" (thanks Chris!).  Andy did a great job of condensing some very good leadership principles into an easy to read book.  The book identifies five competencies that are essential for leaders to possess in order to be successful:  competence, courage, clarity, coaching, and character.  I was convicted in many ways by this book.  The first is the area of competency.  Andy writes,
"It is both natural and necessary for young leaders to try to prove themselves by doing everything themselves.  It is natural because, as a leader, you want to set the pace even as you demonstrate that nothing is beneath you.  It is necessary because most of the time nobody is around to help."
The trouble with that line of reasoning is that leaders end up allowing their time to be eaten up by things outside of their core competencies.  In other words, they spend an excessive amount of time doing things that they are not good at and will never be good at.  This concept can be boiled down to the motto, "Only do what only you can do." 
We are all given different spiritual gifts (Romans 12:6-8) and we should try to use them to the fullest.  It’s foolish to consistently try to do things that others will gladly do because they are gifted for that task.  Andy reminded me that we should operate within our strengths and surround ourselves with people who are gifted where we are not.
This is just a taste of the great information in this book.  I highly recommend it and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have!

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