Church Planter Assessment

I thankful that we had the opportunity to spend time last night with Dr. Bob Brown (Church Planting Strategist) and Dr. Hugh Richardson (Associational Missionary) with the Shelby Baptist Association.  We enjoyed a great time of fellowship over supper and then went through a church planter assessment.  This tool is used to evaluate various areas in a church planter’s life that will have an impact on the success of the new church.  We discussed issues such as my spiritual journey, relationship building skills, building relationships with lost people, and how I relate to my wife.  I was encourage as we were asked to share ways God has worked in our lives.  I was humbled by the incredible task before us and reminded that God is in control.  The assessment identified some areas in which I need to ask God to help me grow.  Our time together was filled with laughter and tears as we discussed our journey through life.  It was a wonderful time and I look forward to developing our relationship with Dr. Brown and Dr. Hughes in the future.


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