Invitation to Go

Pastor Les preached a sermon today called "Curing the ‘Me’ Epidemic: Seeing the World through God’s Eyes – My Church".  His last point was about being on mission for God.  He reminded the congregation that we are planting a church and told them for the first time that we are planting in the Montevallo area.  He invited those who were interested in more information to meet me down front after the service.  I had the opportunity to briefly share our call to begin the new church with several people. We also invited anyone who is interested to attend a meeting tommorrow night (Mon. August 21st) for more information.  We still have a lot of preparation to do before we go in January, but it is very exciting to be taking the next step!  I’ve been praying Luke 10:2 that God would send laborers to work the fields.  They truly are ripe for harvest!


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