First Core Group Meeting

We had our first core group meeting tonight and it is wonderful to finally be underway.  We have six families (including our own) that have committed to start the church!  God’s providence is always enough.  We enjoyed a great time of food (I know we’ll be OK when each of the ladies brought food without prompting) and fellowship followed by a question and answer session.  We had some great questions that were asked.  I’m glad to talk about these issues now.  Many new churches don’t accept a common vision before planting.  This can only lead to trouble later as people become disallusioned because the church isn’t what they expected.  I look forward to many more opportunities between now and December that will allow us to prayerfully consider the direction that God would take us.  If you’d like to see the handout that I gave to the core group, you can see it here.  I’ll be out of town from Sept. 1 – Sept 9, so we won’t meet again until Sunday, Sept. 10th at 6:00 pm in Room 212.


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