Disney World Trip

Cinderella’s Castle
We had a great family vacation last week at Walt Disney World in Orlando!  We left on Friday, Sept. 1st and returned home this afternoon.  It was hot and rainy, but we had a blast!  April created a document with all the tips she could think of that we discovered prior to and during our trip.  You’ll be thankful to have it if you’re heading to Mickey’s house anytime soon!  You can see pictures of the trip here.


2 thoughts on “Disney World Trip

  1. It really is a peek into Disney World’s simpler past. Right here is a schedule of where you can easily see it: Downtown Disney is a great place spot walk around to hear live musicNew music go window shopping and see artwork in stores and galleries. Parking is free of cost also, contrasted to Citywalk (Universal Orlando). A comparable location to take pleasure in is Disney’s Boardwalk.


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