Baby Steps

We’re getting there!  I ask God each day for strength and wisdom as we continue our preparation for starting the new church.  I am finding that one of the most important qualities for a church planter to possess is persistance.  I am facing the challenge of locating resources (people, money, facilites, equipment) that don’t come easily.  I am grateful for Westood as our sponsor church.  They are providing much needed assistance through finances and guidance.  It’s the other thousand details that keep us looking to God for help.

We have been meeting with our core group for the last several weeks to pray and prepare.  We are working on a name, vision statement, core values, and mission statement that will guide the church as we grow.  I am searching for a place to meet and someone to lead our music.  These are two critical items that must be resolved.  Please pray that God will meet those needs soon.

I’m excited that Westwood will hold an Ordination Council for me this Sunday, October 15th.  I know that this will be a special time of evaluation and encouragement.  I look forward to being challenged as I take the next step toward being a pastor.  My ordination service will be held on Wednesday, October 18th at Westwood in our 6:30 pm evening service.


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