On The Move

We had a great day last Sunday (3/27/07)! Our Sunday morning service had 24 adults and 19 children for a total of 43! We even had some new guests that came as a result of our PR campaign. The Shelby County Reporter visited us Sunday and will be publishing an article on our church this Wednesday (3/28).

The word is getting out and we’ve had a few more phone calls about our Grand Opening this Sunday. Please pray that many people will visit and that their lives will be changed by the Gospel.

Door to Door Canvassing a Sucess!

We were blessed with 24 adult volunteers and 6 children from Mountain Valley and Westwood that helped with our door to door canvassing today!  We were able to place 850 information packets on the doors of Montevallo residents.  The packet included a brochure and a packet of seeds that said “Grow With Us.”  Many of the volunteers came back with positive reports of people that they visited with.  The mass mailout card was well received and we have allready gained some name recognition because residents said they had received the card and heard about our church.  Please pray that the “seeds” planted through this effort will result in lives given to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Help Needed as We Move Toward Launch

We are continuing to pray and prepare for our public launch scheduled for April 1st. We are evaluating every aspect of our worship service, children’s ministry, and guest services so that we can give an excellent first impression to our guests on opening day.

We need your help to make our public launch a success. Please pray about the ways you might participate in this incredible opportunity to impact our world for Jesus Christ. Here are just a few of the service opportunities that are available:

Short Term:
1. Children’s Ministry – We appreciate any amount of time that you can give to help us prepare for our launch. We especially need help with the children’s ministry. Your commitment to rotate in as a teacher or helper will give our core group a much needed break and will give you the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child. We especially need help on opening day and for a few weeks after that.

2. Door to Door Canvassing – We want to try and place a small gift and information packet in the hands of every resident in Montevallo. This means we need to visit approximately 5,000 homes. We will be working on several Saturdays in March. Lace up your tennis shoes and get ready to get the word out!

3. Greeters – Do you love to smile? We could use your talents on opening day and for a few weeks after to make our guests feel at home. Grab a breath mint and head to Montevallo. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that someone enjoyed their visit because of you!

4. Service Evangelism – We want to preach the Gospel and live it out through acts of compassion. We will be organizing several events to help those in need. You can participate in activities like handing out quarters at the local laundry mat or washing cars for free. Let your imagination soar. Stop by my house if you need some practice.

5. Warm Bodies – So you can’t do anything but sit… Great! Nobody likes to visit a church full of empty seats!! Come and enjoy worship at Mountain Valley for our opening day and the next few weeks. You’ll make our guests more comfortable as long as you don’t stare at them too long.

Long Term:
1. Prayer – Please pray that God will send laborers to help us reach this community for Christ. Pray that God will prepare the heart of every resident in this community that needs to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. Pray that we will persevere through the spiritual battles that we are facing and will continue to fight. Pray that God will continue to provide the necessary resources to complete our task. Pray that many will accept Christ and that we will be a witness in the community that cannot be ignored.

2. Membership – Perhaps God is calling you to be a part of something new. We understand how difficult it is to leave the comfort of a wonderful church, but God commands us to get out there to spread the Gospel. It’s a proven fact that new churches are more likely to help unbelievers cross the finish line of faith. I can tell you from my experience so far that your life will never be the same!

3. Service – We need people who are willing to use their spiritual gifts and talents to accomplish an incredible task for God. Has your gift gone dormant? Are you using the talents God has given you to their fullest? Join us and exercise your faith.

4. Finances – Your financial gift will allow us to meet the needs of this community and will be an investment that helps to further God’s kingdom. Please prayerfully consider how God might lead you to contribute to our ministry.