The Doldrums

It’s been an awful long time since I’ve written anything on the blog.  I admire those who are disciplined to write every day.  We started Mountain Valley Church over a year and a half ago and it’s been an incredible journey.  I have experienced God at work in my life like never before.  It has been amazing to see Him plant the same vision in the hearts of those who formed our core group.  It has been an honor to serve with such dedicated men and women.  We have been through good and bad times together.

I wonder how transparent I should be about my feelings as a church planter.  I suppose what I’m experiencing right now could be called the Doldrums.  The Doldrums is an area of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans where periods of calm wind occur.  It became notorious with sailors who might become trapped for days or weeks while waiting for a breeze to power their ship.  I have felt like the church has been stuck for the last couple of months.

I must admit that there has been plenty to be excited about.  We have witnessed two more people cross the line of faith to follow Christ!  Our AngelFood Ministry has grown by leaps and bounds.  We took nearly 300 orders this month alone!  I’ve seen our member grow by leaps and bounds spiritually.  In spite of all the wonderful things that are happening I seem to keep getting stuck on numbers.

I guess it’s human nature to desire the incredible growth that marks a “successful” church.  I believe that we inadvertently promote this concept by holding up churches that experience rapid growth as a model for others to follow.  I certainly don’t believe that rapid growth is a bad thing.  I guess I’m beginning to realize that it is the exception rather than the rule.

I do believe that numerical growth is a byproduct of God’s work through our church and I pray that He will bring the increase.  I think that what God is teaching me right now is that it will come in His timing and in His way.  My responsibility is to seek God through prayer and study of His Word.  I must then pour my life into the lives of others.  God will work through our faithfulness to reproduce our faith in others.

Who am I to tell God what to do with His church?  I do know that He is at work there.  I have been amazed by the lives that are being transformed by the Holy Spirit.  I have seen mighty prayer warriors fast and pray with incredible results.  I have experienced the miracle of someone being healed from a fatal stroke.  I have seen families grow stronger in their relationships with each other.  I have witnessed God opening doors of opportunity that were thought to be closed.  I’ve been amazed by God’s amazing delivery of resources at just the right time.  And best of all, I have seen men, women, boys, and girls place their lives in the hands of Jesus!

I hope you’ll continue to pray for our church as we share the Gospel with our community.  I believe that the days ahead will be incredible.  So much for those old doldrums….   I feel a strong wind coming!!