Emily had a crash on her bicycle this afternoon that resulted in a couple of large gashes in her knee.  I wrapped it the best I could and headed to the after hours clinic where April works.  She was working tonight and got us right in.  Emily ended up getting about four stitches in one gash and they glued the other together.  I don’t remember that being an option when I was a kid!  They also used some “magic princess jelly” to numb the wounds before doing anything to them.  What happened to the gouging needle to numb the cut?  I’m actually very glad that Emily didn’t have to go through all that.

It was really neat to see April in action at work.  I’m so proud of her not only as a mother and wife, but as a nurse.  She is really good at what she does and works very hard.  I couldn’t ask for a better woman to be my wife and the mother of my children.

Well, another day and another adventure.  I guess it’s par for the course when you have kids!!

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