We Shall Overcome….

We had an interesting morning yesterday at Mountain Valley Church.  I didn’t set our alarm clock right and we got up late.  I had the trailer so I made everyone else late setting up.  The laptop was cranky and our projection software crashed while we were getting ready.  Our worship leader was out and Hannah and Jeremy (awesome folks in our praise team) were leading the music.  We were singing a new song and the lyrics I had entered the night before mysteriously disappeared.  The sound wouldn’t play for the video illustration I wanted to use.  Jeremy broke a guitar string and didn’t have a replacement.  Oliver’s guitar wouldn’t tune correctly.  I got up to welcome everyone and my microphone caused feedback that nearly made our ears bleed.

I was so blessed when Hannah stopped before one of the songs to give a heartfelt testimony about what they had experienced that morning.  It was rough for them, but she reminded us that we should remember how great God really is.  She said that it reminded her that we can’t do anything on our own.  She challenged us to sing out in praise to our Lord.  It was a tender moment that was met with many tears and amens.  We sang Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) next and the Holy Spirit really moved.  I prayed and asked God’s glory to come down.  I was reminded that we don’t need microphones, projection software, or even instruments to worship.  It was a powerful, moving time.

I firmly believe that Satan wanted to crush us Sunday morning.  Spiritual warfare is real and we must be prepared to fight it.  We serve a God that is greater than anything Satan can throw our way.  We can overcome anything Satan throws our way.  I’m blessed to be able to serve Him.  Praise the Lord!!

I John 4:4