10 Church Planting Mistakes

Image by summer5364
Image by summer5364

I recently read a post from Shaun King’s blog that described the top ten mistakes he’s make so far as a church planter.  I can identify with so many of these (and add quite a few more).  Here’s part of Shaun’s list:

10. Overestimated how much money would be raised from week to week

9.  Focused on Grand Opening and gave almost no attention to putting in place the programs, systems and structures that would keep momentum going

8. Did not properly plan for just how much time and effort it would take to plant and lead the church (Amen!!)

7. Made a few really bad hires

6. Underestimated the need for office space

5. Did not have a very clear, well conceived definition of what it means to be a member/partner of the church

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