What's a Pastor to Say?

I’ve gotten word that some people are surprised by what I’m posting online. It got me thinking. Just what should a pastor talk about when the whole world is listening? Should he only talk about the Bible? Can he discuss his personal life and problems? Is it OK to through in some humor? I’d love to know what you think considering I’m a new pastor and don’t know how people perceive me know that I’m a “man of the cloth” 🙂 Take the poll here (you can select more than one item):

P.S. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. What is off limits for a pastor to discuss. Can I be too transparent? Thanks!!

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Mission Montevallo

DSCN3128I am so fired up about what happened in Montevallo last week.  You see, we had two incredible mission groups partner with Mountain Valley Church to reach our community for Christ.  Families on Mission and MFuge teams joined forces with church members to do everything from landscaping to Bible sport clinics to show the love of Christ.

Here’s a list of the projects that were accomplished last week:

  • Prayer walking throughout the community
  • Landscaping at the Montevallo Housing Authority
  • Landscaping at Montevallo Elementary School
  • Christian Sports Clinic at park near Montevallo Middle School
  • Landscaping at Montevallo Senior Citizen’s Center
  • Activities with seniors at Senior Citizen’s Center
  • Activities with children at Boys and Girls Club
  • Landscaping at Parnell Memorial Library
  • Window cleaning for merchants along Main Street
  • Window cleaning at City Hall
  • Food delivery
  • Door to door witnessing and prayer
  • Garbage pickup at park near Montevallo Middle School
  • Prayer with city officials

It was an incredible time that God used to rekindle the desire I have to reach this community for Christ!  I was blessed to work with wonderful missionaries who gave up part of their summer to come and work with a small church with a big vision for building the kingdom of God.

I’m so proud of our church members who worked hard alongside the mission teams.  They coordinated each project and made sure that supplies and refreshments were available.  Most members took vacation and worked on multiple projects throughout the week.

We made many meaningful contacts last week and I ask that you pray that we can continue to build relationships with these people in the future.  We were reminded of the many hurting people in our world who are lost without Jesus.