Request for Help

We patched the roof of a woman in our community a few months ago with the help of Westwood Baptist (our parent church).  She is on dialysis and has her daughter and 2 month old grandson living with her. We were able to fix a part of the roof, but the rest of the roof has started to leak. She called today to tell me that the heavy rain caused the roof to leak heavily and the ceiling fell in and nearly hit her grand baby.

The roof needs to be replaced.  We are still too small to tackle a project of this size on our own, but I’m confident that we can work together to make this happen.  Here are the things we need:

  • Prayer.  Ask God to work in this situation to draw this family toward Christ.  Pray that God’s people will be moved to compassion for the hurting and take action.
  • Money for building materials.  You can donate directly to the church’s Compassion Fund for this project here.
  • Roofing materials for a mobile home
  • Volunteers with carpentry and/or roofing skills that can help us repair the roof

Here’s an opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission right here in Montevallo.  Please let me know if you’re in the area and can help.  Pass this on to someone else you know who might be able to help.  Let’s make this happen as soon as possible so this woman can get her home dry and comfortable for herself and her family.  Contact me at or (205) 304-5445.

Donate Money for a Widow in Need

We’re raising money to help a widow who is a member in our church. She has a very old car that is on it’s last leg. The air conditioning is broken and the windows don’t work. She desperately needs a reliable used car for transportation.

This woman has been a faithful member of our church and other churches during her life and has served God in many ways over the years.

I hope you’ll prayerfully consider how you might contribue to her cause. Even the smallest donation will be helpful. Thanks!

Thanks ChurchCrunch!!

Many thanks to John Saddington at ChurchCrunch and Moo for the business cards I won last month.  I just placed my order and I can’t wait to get the cards!  I chose a ready made design pack for the cards that features some truly awesome photos from Paul Cooklin Photography.  I really think these cards will stand out from the rest.  I’m going to use them as I meet people in the community.  I included information about myself and the church (location, meeting time, website, etc.).  Check out these unique cards if you’re interested in making a great first impression!

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Social Networking Creating New Adultery Risk, Author Says

FBinfoJust read this summary from Church Leaders Intelligence Report:

Dave Carder, a California pastor and psychologist who has studied adultery prevention and recovery for more than 30 years, spoke last week at a Smart Marriage conference in Orlando, FL. In his latest book, Close Calls: What Adulterers Want You to Know About Protecting Your Marriage, he details a new adultery risk created by social networking, such as and Facebook. “There’s a new phenomenon—the idea that you can locate and recapture old romances, old flames, old boyfriends and girlfriends from adolescence…in (this) case, the infatuation is already stored in your brain. So if you get back in touch with a person like that—a person you dated, that you kissed, maybe a first-love experience—some 10, 15 years later … Well, the saying in my field is, ‘Thirty days of regular contact with an old girlfriend/old boyfriend and you create an infatuation explosion. And in 30 more days, you will find a way to be with each other.’ So it’s 60 days from the start, because infatuation is a mood-altering experience. It’s a huge drug of choice and will sweep you off your feet.” Carder warns that, especially in times of unusual or sustained stress, a “surprise adultery” can occur where the affair is really an attempt to heal, distract or support yourself from the stressful situations. He encourages couples to watch for the danger signs and “risk factors—certain seasons of life, certain ages, certain life experiences, certain marital stages, personal histories you bring to the marriage—that can set you up for an affair. That doesn’t mean you are going to do it, but like in the disease model, there are risk factors.”

The Washington Times 7/8/09

Social networking sites are a wonderful way to connect with friends and even share the Gospel.  However, we shouldn’t be naive.  Satan can use these connections to tempt us to be unfaithful to our spouse.  We have easy access to relationships that can be unhealthy to our marriage.

April and I made a commitment when joining Facebook that we would never “friend” someone with whom we had been in a relationship before.  It’s been awkward having to explain to high school classmates why I won’t accept their friend requests, but I believe that my marriage is just to important to risk the temptation of rekindling any kind of feelings that were in the past.  What do you think?  Please leave your comments!

Sunday Afternoon Rewind

Had a great morning at Mountain Valley Church!  We studied Ephesians 1:3-14 and were reminded how blessed we are as believers because of what God the Father has done for us through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I am so excited to be studying this incredible book and look forward to what God is going to teach us in the future.

It was nice to have Dr. Hugh Richardson (our Director of Missions for the Shelby Baptist Association) and his wife and son visit us this morning.  Dr. and Mrs. Richardson are such wonderful supporters of church planting and I’m grateful for all of their help.

We had an interesting guest this morning who was using the library’s free wifi to surf the internet.  We invited him inside to make himself at home and shared the Gospel with him.  I’ve noticed a growing number of people sitting outside the library with laptops.  I dream of a “third place” like a coffee shop or internet cafe’ where people can come and find a community of Christ followers to mingle with….  Join with me in praying that God will open an opportunity for our church to be a more permanent part of the community.  Several buildings have become vacant in the city, but all are asking outrageous prices to buy.

Praying that you’ll have a great week!

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What's a Pastor to Say?

I’ve gotten word that some people are surprised by what I’m posting online. It got me thinking. Just what should a pastor talk about when the whole world is listening? Should he only talk about the Bible? Can he discuss his personal life and problems? Is it OK to through in some humor? I’d love to know what you think considering I’m a new pastor and don’t know how people perceive me know that I’m a “man of the cloth” 🙂 Take the poll here (you can select more than one item):

P.S. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. What is off limits for a pastor to discuss. Can I be too transparent? Thanks!!

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Mission Montevallo

DSCN3128I am so fired up about what happened in Montevallo last week.  You see, we had two incredible mission groups partner with Mountain Valley Church to reach our community for Christ.  Families on Mission and MFuge teams joined forces with church members to do everything from landscaping to Bible sport clinics to show the love of Christ.

Here’s a list of the projects that were accomplished last week:

  • Prayer walking throughout the community
  • Landscaping at the Montevallo Housing Authority
  • Landscaping at Montevallo Elementary School
  • Christian Sports Clinic at park near Montevallo Middle School
  • Landscaping at Montevallo Senior Citizen’s Center
  • Activities with seniors at Senior Citizen’s Center
  • Activities with children at Boys and Girls Club
  • Landscaping at Parnell Memorial Library
  • Window cleaning for merchants along Main Street
  • Window cleaning at City Hall
  • Food delivery
  • Door to door witnessing and prayer
  • Garbage pickup at park near Montevallo Middle School
  • Prayer with city officials

It was an incredible time that God used to rekindle the desire I have to reach this community for Christ!  I was blessed to work with wonderful missionaries who gave up part of their summer to come and work with a small church with a big vision for building the kingdom of God.

I’m so proud of our church members who worked hard alongside the mission teams.  They coordinated each project and made sure that supplies and refreshments were available.  Most members took vacation and worked on multiple projects throughout the week.

We made many meaningful contacts last week and I ask that you pray that we can continue to build relationships with these people in the future.  We were reminded of the many hurting people in our world who are lost without Jesus.