What's a Pastor to Say?

I’ve gotten word that some people are surprised by what I’m posting online. It got me thinking. Just what should a pastor talk about when the whole world is listening? Should he only talk about the Bible? Can he discuss his personal life and problems? Is it OK to through in some humor? I’d love to know what you think considering I’m a new pastor and don’t know how people perceive me know that I’m a “man of the cloth” 🙂 Take the poll here (you can select more than one item):

P.S. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. What is off limits for a pastor to discuss. Can I be too transparent? Thanks!!

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3 thoughts on “What's a Pastor to Say?

  1. That’s an interesting question… I’d say a pastor can talk about anything as long as it’s glorifying to the Lord. Off limit topics would be any topic that would be off limits to him whether he was a pastor or not, and when in question, I’d say his wife could always clarify what’s off limits. 😉

    I’d add that if any Christ follower, pastor or not, has a question about saying something publicly or privately, he/she should ask themselves, ‘Does this subject/thought/comment/language please the Lord?’ You can’t go wrong with that one!

    1. I agree that all Christ follower’s should glorify the Lord with their speech. Ephesians 4:29 says that “No rotten talk should come out of your mouth…”

      I think that the interesting situation for me has occurred because of my transition to being a pastor. I know that I have been treated differently by people that knew me before I was called to ministry. I wonder if people expect me to be super spiritual. I am still a normal person who is learning to be more like Christ every day. I also want to be myself and not some plastic Christian who gives the appearance that life is always perfect.

  2. I’d bet the same is said for new Christians too. They are treated differently by their ‘old’ friends and thought of as someone ‘super spiritual’ by those that knew them ‘before’. I guess it just takes people getting used to someone becoming a pastor in a similar way it takes people getting used to someone becoming a new Christian.

    I have a similar feeling toward a good friend of mine that’s a health/nutrition instructor. I would NEVER drink a Coke in her presence! I don’t want her to know I ever consume Coke. She is completely fine with it and doesn’t for one minute judge people for what they eat or drink. She just does what’s best for her and let’s the rest of us do as we wish. But, that doesn’t stop me from making sure there are no McDonald’s wrappers in my car before I go somewhere with her! 😀

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