Baron’s Game

We had a great time at the Birmingham Baron’s game last night.  I was worried about the girls being able to see, and they did struggle where we sat at first (upper section along the first base line).  The kids wanted to bounce on the inflatables in the park (an outrageous extra $15).  They played a few innings on the inflatables and then we pulled them off to get some ice cream.  We found some seats closer to the field on the third base line and enjoyed our ice cream.  That’s when the girls really got into the game.  I think they cheered louder than anyone else!  Through rain and extra innings, the kids had a blast.  We stayed the entire game and watched some incredible fireworks.  We rolled out of the park about 11:00 pm and dragged the kids into bed around 11:30 pm.  It was a great time and everyone wants to see another game soon.  Thanks to Valerie for the free tickets!!

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