I just finished playing a Strawberry Shortcake board game with the kids.  I am amazed by how much noise comes out of their mouths 24/7!  I recorded a clip of the chatter that goes on during a game like this.  If you don’t have young children, this might be the best form of birth control….

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4 thoughts on “Noise

  1. Actually I think that’s the most beautiful sound on earth! I smiled all the way through that clip. One day, when they are all grown up you’re going to miss those sweet sounds echoing through your house!

    It has quite the opposite effect on me. I think it’s time for another baby… or two!

  2. Lady Why,

    You’re right! I was being sarcastic, but children are a truly a blessing from God. Their enthusiasm is wonderful and they are so optimistic about life! Time does seem to be flying by too fast. I’m glad to have this recording so we can reminisce some day.


  3. I know just what you mean! I have a recording of my now 18 year old daughter singing Christmas carols when she was two. It’s one of my favorite things to hear!

    My youngest baby is just 14 months old and I record him doing absolutely everything! I know how precious these things will be to me later. That, and I’m trying to make time stand still just a little. 🙂

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